There are special times during the church year where additional worship services are held. This section is updated throughout the year with those service times and themes.


Maundy Thursday (March 29) 7:00 PM

“Jesus Our Great High Priest is Mediator of the New Covenant”

Good Friday (March 30) 7:00 PM

On Good Friday we will observe a Tenebrae service.  Tenebrae is Latin for “darkness”.  We gradually darken our sanctuary and worship in shadows.  As the final candle is extinguished that candle represents the life of Christ going out.  But then, we will hear a loud noise called the strepitus. Strepitus means “crashing”.  That crash represents the rending of the tomb — the angel rolling back the stone to show the world the risen Christ.  He lives!  Because He lives, we too will live!